Martyn Crucefix – Road Across Europe

The Stare's Nest

Road across Europe
after Montale’s ‘Verso Vienna’
The froth and biscuit
of the baroque convent
casts shadow across our glimpse of slow water—
set tables dappled here and there
with leaves and ginger.
A bather surfaces, dripping beneath
a scribble of midges,
asking after our journey—
he talks long of his own out there beyond the border
points to the bridge before us to be crossed—
he goes on—with just a penny toll.
Then with a wave he vanishes,
one with the current . . .
                                                And there in his place,
an outrider bouncing from beside a shed,
a cheery dachshund yapping
sole fraternal sound in this stifling heat.
Martyn Crucefix’s original collections include Hurt (Enitharmon, 2010), The Time We Turned (Shearsman, 2014), A Hatfield Mass (Worple Press, 2014). He has translated Rilke’s Duino Elegies (Enitharmon, 2006) – shortlisted for the 2007…

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