Two New Chapbooks in 2017

O. at the Edge of the Gorge (Guillemot Press)


In October 2017,  Guillemot Press have published O. at the Edge of the Gorge, with images by Phyllida Bluemel: “As much a celebration of vividly lived experience as daunted by the ruinous passing of time, the voice in these poems is an Orphic one. It contemplates a journey into the “depths of the gorge” and the dangers or redemption that lie there. This fourteen-poem crown of sonnets is filled with the landscape and natural history of the Marche of east Italy”. 

The chapbook in production:

image1[1]        22071074_225079284691665_7698907406985592832_n[1]

A Convoy (If a Leaf Falls Press)

Also in October 2017 Sam Riviere’s If a Leaf Falls Press have published Martyn’s short abecedary sequence,  A Convoy.

IMG_0279         IMG_0280


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