2 thoughts on “Recent poems

  1. Hello Martyn,

    I dropped in tonight and read Again your review of my third book— it gave me shivers — it’s like listening to your soul rubbing bits of itself together. It was and remains fine review.

    You were right that I came through but I have also been ill. So I’ve written a much lighter book since but it awaits my recovery etc to emerge.

    But I did so enjoy that time of looking at your Hatfield Mass and the wilding eye and learning about the growth going on in each other st that time. Thank you.
    Olivia Byard


    • Hi Olivia – sorry to have been long in replying – strange how I’ve little compulsion to be doing things – a little zoom teaching is all – yet the days vanish even more quickly than usual. The time you refer to seems a while ago now – i can’t work it out in real time – but yes it was most enjoyable. We read together in Cheltenham didn’t we? As you’ll see on the blog I’ve been busy as ever – and I’m so pleased that you have been writing and have a book coming. best of luck with that – hope it appears in a brighter world than the current one we’re in.


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