Welcome to the website of Martyn Crucefix. Martyn will be judging the 2021 Acumen Literary Journal International Poetry Competition (with Mimi Khalvati) – open now till the 26th February 2021.

Two new poems published by ‘Wild Court’ and a new ekphrastic poem (after Bruegel) on the Mary Evans Picture Library site.

Martyn’s most recent publications are:

CoverCargo of Limbs has been published by Hercules Editions, 2019: poems by Martyn Crucefix; images by Amel Alzakout; essay by Choman Hardi. Read Ian Brinton’s review here. Blurb: Martyn Crucefix’s Cargo of Limbs is a “brilliant revision” (Choman Hardi) of lines from Book Six of Virgil’s Aeneid. Two Western journalists document in their different ways the ordeal of migrants in search of safety in Europe. The tone and narrative – as in the original – is dream-like and nightmarish. As they reach the shoreline, this is not the River Styx but the Mediterranean and the ferryman’s boats – “the black dinghy squeals / the leaking boat groans” – promise danger more than escape. “Martyn Crucefix knows in his bones that “what / happens is what’s true” and his liquid, propulsive poem records, like the accompanying photographs by Syrian artist Amel el Zakout, the horrible adventure of survival. Cargo of Limbs sees or struggles to see; it is a lament and a rebuke, a concise saga of our savage time” – Dan O’Brien


Cover Shearsman JPEG 2These Numbered Days, poems by Peter Huchel, tr. Martyn Crucefix (Shearsman Books, 2019). Read Ian Brinton’s review here. Blurb: Joseph Brodsky hailed Peter Huchel as one of the finest poets of the last century, possessed of “the severest and most elegiac voice in German poetry”. Contemporaries in the German Democratic Republic referred to him as ‘the secret king’ and, in Iain Galbraith’s view, “lifted out of the schismatic currents of the Cold War era by Martyn Crucefix’s supple and arrestingly sensual translations, Huchel surprises us as a fresh and startling voice for our own numbered days”.

The calm of the stream,

the fire of the earth,

empty darkness of sky,

are my dangerous neighbours.

“These beautifully nuanced new versions by Martyn Crucefix serve to reawaken Huchel as a prime European poetic voice mournfully shaped by a swiftly receding past, the signalling of an irretrievable loss which seems pressingly relevant to our supremely alienated epoch . . . With this finely curated collection, Huchel’s arresting and beguiling visions should now be fully credited in the Anglophone world” – Will Stone.

A Boat..._quicksand coverMartyn’s previous full collection of poetry was The Lovely Disciplines (Seren Books, 2017). Details and reviews can be found here.  An interview with Martyn recently appeared in South Bank Poetry. Listen to Martyn read three poems on the Poetic Voices website.

Other publications: Guillemot Press published O. at the Edge of the Gorge, with images by Phyllida Bluemel. This fourteen-poem crown of sonnets is filled with the landscape and natural history of the Marche of east Italy”. This chapbook reviewed by Helena Nelson here. Also, in very limited edition from Sam Riviere’s If a Leaf Falls Press, a short abecedary sequence,  A Convoy. 

Please use the menu bar above to check out further information on Martyn’s activities as poet, translator, teacher and reviewer as well as his regular blog, recently praised as “unblinking and packed with high quality material, especially his razor-sharp reviews and [. . .] unexpected perspectives on big names”. (Matthew Stewart, Rogue Strands).

For another major interview with Martyn covering topics such as getting into poetry, traditional prosody, a discussion of narrative and confessional poetry, the processes of translation and work in development: click here.

Cover Collage 2019

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