Poems on the Web

Two new poems published by ‘Wild Court’ and a new ekphrastic poem (after Bruegel) on the Mary Evans Picture Library site – May 2020.

A new poem, ‘Beside the artist’s pool’ has been published by Ink, Sweat and Tears in June 2019 and can be viewed here.

This 2019 Italian translation of Martyn’s poem ‘The renovation near Sansepolcro’ (originally from The Lovely Disciplines) has been published in the cultural journal Menabo, and can be viewed here.

Delighted that my translation of an untitled poem by Nijole Miliauskaite was winner of the January 2019 Modern Poetry in Translation Lithuanian poetry workshop competition. Hear a recording of the translation here.

A new translation of Federico Garcia Lorca’s ‘Tamar and Amnon’ has been published on-line by ‘Ink, Sweat and Tears’ and can be read here.

A new poem, ‘All was sweet’ – about taking photographs, love and time – has just been published on-line by Riggwelter.

Martyn’s new translation of Lorca’s ‘Tamar and Amnon’ will be published by Ink, Sweat and Tears in October 2018.

A new poem, ‘My Shakespeare’, appears on The Compass.

Two new poems have been posted at And Other Poems: they are ‘East-running road’ and ‘Boy-racer’.

A new translation of Eugenio Montale’s ‘Verso Vienna (1933) is posted here. This is the first in a series of poems posted by Judi Sutherland/The Stare’s Nest in the lead up to the Euro-Referendum (2016).

‘Listening to Tippett twice’ appears in A Festschrift for Tony Frazer: read it here.

A new poem in response to the 2015 General Election result: New Boots and Pantisocracies

Three new poems published by The Glasgow Review of Books: here.

Four new poems published by BlackBox Manifold: here.

Four little songs published by the missing slate: here.

‘The lovely disciplines’ at The Poetry Shed: here.

‘He considers what the young have to teach’ from Hurt on Verse Daily: here.

‘While there is war’ from Hurt in The Cortland Review (USA): here.

‘Growth of a poet’s mind’ from Hurt in Bowwowshophere.

Two poems in Loch Raven Review (USA): here.

‘Ivy tunnel at Kenwood’ at London Grip:  here.