Poems on the Web

Listen to Martyn reading three poems on the Poetic Voices website.

Two new poems have been posted at And Other Poems: they are ‘East-running road’ and ‘Boy-racer’.

A new translation of Eugenio Montale’s ‘Verso Vienna (1933) has just been posted here. This is the first in a series of poems posted by Judi Sutherland/The Stare’s Nest in the lead up to the Euro-Referendum.

‘Listening to Tippett twice’ appears in A Festschrift for Tony Frazer: read it here.

A new poem shortlisted in the 2015 Bath Poetry Cafe competition can be read here and a brief critique of it by Sue Boyle is posted here.

A new poem in response to the 2015 General Election result: New Boots and Pantisocracies

‘Rebuilding Tellisford Weir’ can be read here in Ambit Magazine.

Three new poems published by The Glasgow Review of Books: here.

Four new poems published by BlackBox Manifold: here.

Four little songs published by the missing slate: here.

‘The lovely disciplines’ at The Poetry Shed: here.

‘Water lily’ from Hurt in Poetry London: here.

‘He considers what the young have to teach’ from Hurt on Verse Daily: here.

‘While there is war’ from Hurt in The Cortland Review (USA): here.

‘Growth of a poet’s mind’ from Hurt in Bowwowshophere.

3 poems from An English Nazareth: here.

Two poems in Loch Raven Review (USA): here.

‘Ivy tunnel at Kenwood’ at London Grip:  here.