Zoom Reading During Lockdown Thursday 21st May 7.30pm

Just to let you blog followers know – I will be reading from The Lovely Disciplines (2017) via Zoom and alongside the excellent Tamar Yoseloff @ 7.30pm on Thursday 21st May. This is part of the Seren Stay-at-Home Series of events in May. Please follow this link (click Tammy’s picture!) to purchase a ticket for £5 (which also gives a 30% discount on Seren Books as well): https://www.serenbooks.com/seren-stay-home-series

9 thoughts on “Zoom Reading During Lockdown Thursday 21st May 7.30pm

  1. Assume this is 7.30p.m. UK time in which case it will be 3.30a.m. here and I will not be awake. Sorry to miss it. DM


    • Hi Brett – I did actually catch a glimpse of you in the blur of all the little squares of people and was so delighted you could make it. You appeared – if i remember rightly – in a reclining position and that’s a good way to listen to some poems. I’d love to hear from you at greater length – hoping you are both well. Did I say that I saw you in the Guardian a few weeks back – superb images!


      • Hi Martin – just to say yes – I did try and send you a longer message but then realised it would be public so decided not to. I will contact you via an old email address if that does not work perhaps you could get in touch direct and I will fill you in – everything good – lovely to hear from you Brett


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