#WADOD – Day 23: March 23rd 2019

Works and Days of Division – 29 poems by Martyn Crucefix

Drawing on two disparate sources, this sequence of mongrel-bred poems has been written to respond to the historical moment in this most disunited kingdom. Hesiod’s Works and Days – probably the oldest poem in the Western canon – is a poem driven by a dispute between brothers. The so-called vacana poems originate in the bhakti religious protest movements in 10-12th century India. Through plain language, repetition and refrain, they offer praise to the god, Siva, though they also express personal anger, puzzlement, even despair. Dear reader – if you like what you find here, please share the poems as widely as you can (no copyright restrictions). Or follow this blog for future postings. Bridges need building.


Saturday 23.03.2019 

‘a pile of boulders railings’


a pile of boulders railings and paving slabs

a path into nowhere

it will appear

that water runs between us one to the other


only in a moment when water sucks up cobblestones

under the soles of your feet

when it runs and surges

(though the street perhaps remains dusty and dry)


only in the face of its magnitude as the flood brims

to fill each gully and alleyway

with water at my feet

at my ankles do I find the risk of understanding


water to my knees it rises to the level of my hips

only when bridges

and stepping stones

the bankside path and the boardwalk have gone


water floods my chest brims to the level of my armpits

my neck my ears your ears your neck

to the level of your armpits to your chest understanding


that water floods your hips your knees it unleashes

releasing your ankles your feet are moved for you

you understand


as sudden

the drenching waters retreat from the street

the heat’s shimmering itself an echo of the rippling of water


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