#WADOD – Day 16: March 16th 2019

Works and Days of Division – 29 poems by Martyn Crucefix

Drawing on two disparate sources, this sequence of mongrel-bred poems has been written to respond to the historical moment in this most disunited kingdom. Hesiod’s Works and Days – probably the oldest poem in the Western canon – is a poem driven by a dispute between brothers. The so-called vacana poems originate in the bhakti religious protest movements in 10-12th century India. Through plain language, repetition and refrain, they offer praise to the god, Siva, though they also express personal anger, puzzlement, even despair. Dear reader – if you like what you find here, please share the poems as widely as you can (no copyright restrictions). Or follow this blog for future postings. Bridges need building.


Saturday 16.03.2019

‘between a drowning man’


between a drowning man and my child’s skinny dipping

between lip and kiss

between brother

and estranged younger brother

between a mother and one of her six children

between the kissing gate

and the coffin route between cup and lip

between the first slurp and sip

between the fibreglass fishing rod and the spinning lure

between old Capague and Montulet

between the will

and the contraction of the atrophied muscles

between town and country

between wealth and what is a simple lack of money

between the biscuit tin

to put their money in

and fake news a hedge fund or tabloid confessions of sin

the letter unsent the deleted email

the skilfully incised lapidary inscription

tragically lost

with its improbable cost

with its ‘always and forever’ critical burden

words scrawled on a scrap of paper by someone

by the old gods of rumour

all the bridges are falling down


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