Bathing in the Olt #2 and #3

Introduction to the abecedary form of this sequence: click here.

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Bathing in the Olt


Dawning on Benedict



delightful entertainment during the long, hot summer days, bathing in the Olt


did not shout

did not threaten, did not say a word

drowning in the whirlpool of the Olt



Elegant, young, attractive

even Benedict seemed to have lost his confidence

forests of osiers, of dense, hollow willow trees and huge sand bars that gave the impression of tremendous disturbance in the landscape

for her these were dreadful moments


given the opportunity to sneak back she swiftly dressed herself


going to bed that night they abandoned themselves to passionate embraces

he would not be able to keep the promise he had made when he’d left his girlfriend, Violetta

her eternal threat never left his mind

her misfortune was not something Violetta thought greatly about

hidden under the shaggy willow trees on the fine, dry sand, beneath the melancholy rays of twilight

his athletic body and complete absence of hair

his body found where the current had brought it to the river bank

his was unexpected


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7 thoughts on “Bathing in the Olt #2 and #3

  1. Interesting stuff, Martyn, and I like the history very much and how it fits into your unifying work. The flaw is more problematic –as you know I’ve used it in Besetting Sins, but I’m not sure it isn’t a western misunderstanding. More research needed I don’t much like found poems though –think they’re a boring swizz. Could it be done with your own verse?

    Sorry I’m not commenting on anything of yours again publicly until I understand why you choose a specific audience for my replies, who that audience is, why can’t see who reads it, and why I can’t share.

    Olivia xx


    • Thanks Olivia. As an experiment I’m still deciding where I stand on its value and status. But there was much sport at its making. I have used found material in my Whitman poem in ‘Hurt’ and I only slowly grew to accept that as having validity. This is an even odder beast perhaps. By the way, not sure what you mean about specific audiences – beginner as I am on WordPress, I am invited to approve comments which then go up on the blog, I think. Are you seeing anything different?


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